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Janaina Mello Landini, interaction of the universes

ArtBo 2019: Janaina Mello Landini, interaction of the universes

BOGOTÁ-. A cloth magnet? It is what is thought to be in contact with the Ciclotrama piece located in the Zipper gallery (Brazil), in the Main hall of the ArtBo 2019 Fair, which on Sunday closed its doo
Ángel Ricardo Ríos

ArtBo2019: Ángel Ricardo Ríos, in search of PAINTING ... lost

Ángel R. Ríos on ArtBo With a suggestive title The pleasure of excess, the Cuban artist Ángel R. Ríos showed a set of recent creations, in the gallery Terreno Baldío (Mexico) with great success of pub
Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar / Photo: HERNÁN DÍAZ

Artbo 2019. Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar: Imperatives of the artistic instinct

Bogotá- A name is repeated strongly in this 15th. edition of the Bogota International Art Fair, Artbo 2019: Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, whose impressive sculptural work is present in several galleries
Santiago Cancino

ArtBo 2019: Santiago Cancino, a materials builder ... politicians?

Art fairs are places of very special encounters. From the spectator with the works, from the artists with new friends, and surprises that can change their destinies, the gallery owners with buyers, spe
María Paz Gaviria, ARTBO director, opens the 2019 edition. 

ArtBo, fertile seed that sprouted in ... ART

Bogotá. - No one could imagine in the already distant 2005 that the International Art Fair, ArtBo planted here, would bear the fruits that it already delivers in its fifteen years of life. This 15th. e
Adrián Fernández, Untitled

Servando Gallery returns to ARTBO

The International Art Fair of Bogotá has established itself as one of the fundamental centers in cultural exchange and in the consolidation of the Latin American market. Galleries, curators, artists an
Work of Liset Castillo in ARCO

Acacia Gallery: universal art for ARTBO

In this 15th edition of ARTBO, Acacia Gallery returns with a project focused on highlighting a type of art that directs its gaze towards the formal construction of the work, from aesthetic sophisticati
Andrea Walker

Aurora? ARTBO? Art? Love?... Andrea Walker

Not by chance, the A, first letter of the alphabet, follows this woman wherever she goes. She is number one wherever she is, in any job performed. She leaves deep traces where she goes. She is simple,